Born in Vietnam in 1980, Chef Khai Vu came to the states at the young age of 11. Chef Vu’s first love and passion has always been food, which he has now taken as his professional career. The family has shared the love for food, with his Grandmother’s cooking as his young inspiration and his father growing him as a successful business man. The family has paved the way he produces some of the most Modern and high quality cuisine at his own kitchen, “District One Kitchen & Bar,” today. 

    When Chef Vu is not enjoying a day of fishing or boating, chances are you can find him dining. Tasting foods from East to West around the world giving him the ability to grow his exquisite flavor palate. Thus, allowing him to share his, “craft and love,” of food with us at District One Kitchen & Bar in Las Vegas. Chef Vu’s inspirational creations on his menu will leave you hungry, for more. 


A young and inspiring Director Of Operations of her time, from the heart of Ho Chi Minh City or Old Saigon, she comes to us from District One Vietnam. Having the culinary background of one who has not only tasted the food, but lived in the era of South East Asia. Her international studies from abroad in Melbourne, Australia and locally in Las Vegas, tell a story of her dynamic degrees which she has obtained in Hospitality Management. The passion is felt through her ideas which have been brought to life through District One Kitchen&Bar in Las Vegas. A true spirit, which lives and breathes by the way of her pride, for the love of food, and truly epic service to customers of District One Kitchen&Bar. 



Chef Khai Vu ( Left ), Crystina Nguyen ( Middle ), and Vy Vguyen ( Right ). 

Chef Khai Vu ( Left ), Crystina Nguyen ( Middle ), and Vy Vguyen ( Right ).